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Another Day Another Jackal - Lex Lander £3.99  isbn:9780991706303


In May 1995, Jacques Chirac, France’s recently-elected president, announces the resumption of nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean. In the forefront of the international condemnation it provokes is New Zealand, where the sinking by the French “action services” of the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior in 1985, has not been forgotten.

Funded by one of New Zealand’s wealthiest men and led by Greenpeace renegade Sheryl Glister, a new undercover protest movement is born - Greenwar. This organization remains clandestine to this day. Its covert mission is to save the planet … by terrorism.

Greenwar’s leaders vote to execute President Chirac and thereby set an example to other nuclear powers. No ultimatum is to be issued. With the aid of a turncoat French government official a former US Army sniper named Dennis Lux is recruited to carry out the assassination. By a lucky break the French security services learn of Lux’s existence. They codename him ‘The Jackal’ after the eponymous protagonist of the book by Frederick Forsyth, and the race to identify him before he gets to the President is on.

Lux manages to preserve his incognito and enters the final stages of his preparations. Then into his life comes Ghislaine, a journalist bent on filming Chirac at the country retreat where Lux plans to shoot him. They become lovers – a situation complicated on her side by her marriage, and on his by his lethal assignment. Ever discreet, he manages to keep her in ignorance until one sunny morning in June 1996 he does the job he has been hired to do.

Chirac dies, yet Chirac lives on, a paradox that is explained in the climax of this dramatization of events before, during, and after the assassination.

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