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Suffering - A. K. Stuart £3.99  isbn:9780991706365

‘Wouldn’t you like to punish me?’ she giggled as she looped the thong of the bullwhip around his neck and used it to draw him into her orbit. ‘Wouldn’t you like to hear me scream for mercy?’
Desirable, scheming, degenerate, Debora Kingham is loved by three men.
Her cousin and adoptive brother, Gerald Kingham, a publisher of erotica, returning from the USA to the country of his birth, reminisces over their wild pre-teen romance of twenty years before, half-hoping, half-dreading that the flame of their immature lust will be re-ignited.
Her editor husband, Terry Hulley, father of her two children, talented yet weak, willing to turn a blind eye to her immoral behaviour and enjoy the fruits of her earnings, which include letting her body be abused to satisfy the warped fantasies of the rich, the famous, and the powerful.
Willing, that is, until now.
Her master and mentor, Nicholas Darcy, archetypal educated thug with connections in the upper echelons of government that place him beyond the reach of the law, and a penchant for extreme BDSM that Debora is eager, even desperate, to indulge. His hold over her is absolute; the extent of her submission to his sadistic will knows no bounds.
Explicit flashbacks of Debora and Gerald’s under-age passion intersperse the action in which he strives to behave with brotherly propriety in the face of her brazen come-ons, only to be drawn into her sleazy world of sexual excess where whippings are just the tip of the iceberg.

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