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The Man who Hunted Himself - Lex Lander £3.99  isbn: 9780994998156


André Warner is a former operative of the British Secret Service, turned contract killer, with over forty contracts under his belt.

An approach from Carl Heider, an American racketeer, whose elder brother, Jeff, was assassinated two years previously, seems routine enough. Heider is resolved to avenge his brother’s death, as are Jeff Heider’s son, Nick, and his nephew, Richard, who together with Carl Heider, control a Houston and Las Vegas-based quasi-business empire. Despite exhaustive enquiries, Heider Sr. has been unable to identify the assassin and is willing to pay Warner a $1 million fee to find and execute the man responsible.

This kind of assignment is Warner’s meat and drink. He kills bad guys and only bad guys. This time though there is a complication that he can see no way to solve. To simply decline the contract is not even an option though, and he agrees to go ahead.

He flies to Las Vegas, ostensibly to interview Jeff Heider’s stunning widow, Maura, and glean information from her. If seduction is required to win her over, he will take this hardship in his stride too. However, making enquiries will only be going through the motions. In reality he must find a fall guy for the killing, which itself presents a further problem: to meet Warner’s moral code of conduct the fall guy must himself be a villain of the worst kind.

In Las Vegas, with Maura Heider proving receptive to his advances, the enormity of the challenge becomes apparent. As his relationship with Maura arouses the suspicions of the Heider family, and the net tightens around him, he has only two choices - fight or run. Or maybe there’s a third option …

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