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SHE KILLS - Lex Lander £3.99  isbn: 9781989030059

by Lex Lander


Two years after she was rescued from her abductors and restored to her mother by André Warner*, Lizzy Power, now renamed Liza, decides to opt out of her sophomore year at Boston University, and set off for France in search of Warner, with whom she fell in love and cannot forget. She flies to the UK, buys a sports car, and crosses the Channel to France. Three days later she turns up at his hilltop home in Andorra.

But Warner is not at home, and, worse, she learns that his house has been sold. The only remaining link with him is his yacht, Seaspray, berthed in Sitges, in Spain. Dismayed but undeterred by the setback, she heads south.

Unbeknown to her she is no longer alone in her quest. She has unwittingly come to the attention of three unscrupulous individuals, who are now converging on her, each with his own agenda.

To Rik de Bruin, quasi-legitimate flesh peddler, she is a no more than a commodity, a package of meat for the Middle East slave market.

To Bo Rossen, enforcer for the French Mafia, she is another victim, a body to be disposed of.

To Albin Lebeau, French police officer, she is the girl of his fantasies, to be possessed, legally or otherwise.

All the while, André Warner, the man she loves, is in St Petersburg, and remains oblivious of her extreme danger. When the showdown comes will he be too far away to save her?


* See I KILL published by Kaybec May 2016

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